A Voice for the Voiceless


Most people do not know that I am a licensed associate professional counselor.  I have a degree in Forensic Psychology and Design so I am able to use both the analytical and creative sides of my brain (left & right sides).  I have worked with children and adolescents for over a decade.  As a counselor my specialty is working with children with a history of sexual abuse and victimization.  While working with children with sexual trauma and abuse I have come across many young people affected by sexual abuse and sex trafficking.


I am passionate about giving back and using my gifts and talents to help others.  Children who have been victimized are typically unable to use their voice.  They have been silenced and made to feel as if they have unworthy and not important.  Being young can be a scary time; our children put their trust, hope, faith and their life in the hands of adults.  When children become silenced through abuse and trauma a part of their life is paused.  One of our goals as a company is to use our voice and speak on behalf of the children who have been silenced.


My passion to help children that have been abused has been put into effect by partnering with Street Grace.  Street Grace is a not for profit organization with a focus on helping children within 3 target areas:  education, awareness and action by working to end the demand for the purchase of sex with children (domestic minor sex trafficking).  Sex trafficking in Atlanta is at an all-time high with Atlanta being named within the top 10 cities with the highest cases of sex trafficking of minors.

CCG Consulting strives to be a voice to the voiceless and help our partners put an end to the demand for domestic minor sex trafficking in Georgia and across the Globe.  We will do whatever it takes to help our children live a life that is safe and free of abuse. Visit out partner Street Grace and find out more information about how you can join in the fight against domestic minor sex trafficking – www.streetgrace.org

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