Nadia Turton (Label Collections)

Founder, Nadia Turton, studied at Fashion Design at Cape Technikon where she obtained her ND Fashion. While studying she worked at retail stores like Stuaafords and Juanita Pacheco to gain valuable hands on retail experience. After graduating, she embarked on a career as Fashion Designer for various big retailers in South Africa. Working at Design studios designing for many various labels gave her a good understanding of brand values etc. To name a few brands Truworths and specifically for the following divisions: Modern Corporate, Finnigans, Zeta, Ltd, Daniel Hechter and Glamour. Nadia then moved to a company, which supplied the chains with locally and internationally manufactured garments, where she was appointed as Assistant Import Merchandiser for the company handling all garment imports from China and India.

September 2006 she let her current employer to embark on this amazing venture of creating her own brand.

The LABEL design ethos is to be fashionably on-­‐trend without being a slave to fashion. Garments are carefully designed with our promise of joie de vivre in mind in every aspect of the customer’s life. Be it at work or at play.
Garments are therefore easy to wear, timeless, but with that added element of playful surprise. Pieces are investments pieces, which can easily be worn season after season, due to the classic styling with an unexpected twist and the quality of fabric and workmanship.

The LABEL woman is a self-­‐assured, sophisticated and outgoing woman of all ages who understand themselves and celebrate life.
They care about who they are and how they look.

Although the LABEL customer’s wardrobe could easily consist of just LABEL pieces, it could just as effortlessly be styled with other existing pieces in their wardrobe.

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