Larisa Dragna

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from the Fine Arts and Decorative Arts University in Timisoara, Romania, in 2008, Dragna completed her Masters studies in Fashion Design at the National University of Art, Bucharest, the Decorative Arts and Design Faculty, and soon after started working as a fashion designer at Idelier studio.

Larisa has national acclaim with her exquisite collections “Street Chic”, “Broken Doll” and “Plastic Dress” showcased in several events and fashion festivals in the country. Since 2008 her brand has emerged with numerous outfits and collections (“Look Into The Mirror”, “Yellow Brick Road”, “Red Line/ White Lie”, “Non Stop Motion”) which captivate the fashion scene of Romania through high creativity and design innovation. Her outfits have become popular with national and international public figures.

One of her career highlights is the “New Under-Layer” AW/2013 collection which defines Larisa Dragna’s belief of the role played by the garment in our contemporary society, where the symbiosis between the garment and the wearer prevails: “Fashion and clothing is definitely necessary, yet of secondary importance; what really matters is the way that a simple garment defines and shapes you as an individual. Personally this is what I search for through my designs, not to cover people up with clothes, but to define them.”

The year 2015 marks Larisa Dragna’s official debut in the international fashion market with her presence in the prestigious international fashion event PURE London, with her SS/2016 collection “Outside the ripple”.

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